3 Things You May Not Know About Hammers

Hammers don't come with instruction manuals for one good reason: most everybody knows what they're for and how to use them. Yet even those who consider themselves tool experts are often surprised to learn about the true diversity of hammers. If you are curious to learn more about this humble tool, read on. This article will present three interesting--and useful--facts about hammers. Heavy isn't always better. When choosing a hammer, people often assume that the heftiest hammer is the best choice. [Read More]

How To Pick The Best Cubicle Height

Organizing an office space can be stressful when you are concerned about addressing the needs of employees. Fortunately, if you can identify the company's culture, different roles, and various personalities that come into play, you can plan accordingly. One key consideration is cubicle height, which can really contribute a worker's job satisfaction. Low Cubicles that are lower in height are around 42 inches. As you can imagine, they do not provide a huge barrier from everyone else. [Read More]

What Is Fracking And How Is It Being Kept Clean?

When it comes to horizontal directional drilling, one part of the process that has some concerned about the environment is fracking. Much is being done however, to clean up fracking and make it more environmentally friendly. What is Fracking? Fracking is a method used in the process of horizontal directional drilling. It's short for hydraulic fracturing, which is done to bring oil from deep underneath the surface up to the head of a well. [Read More]

Wood Deck Maintenance Steps

If you have a deck on your home, you most likely enjoy being able to use it to enjoy the outdoor weather. Before using your deck during the warm season, it is best to take the time to do some maintenance so it stays safe and looks nice. Here are some instructions to follow in doing simple routine maintenance to your wood deck. Cleaning Your Deck Take the time to clean your deck regularly to keep it clear of debris. [Read More]