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A Blast from the Past -- How to Design Your Own Mid-Century Modern Home

If you're looking for a truly unique and beautiful dream home, a mid-century modern style may be just what you've been asking for. Mid-century modern homes are not just a theme of architecture; they also offer a forward-thinking and hopeful point of view about life. Here's a quick guide to this style of house and its furnishings to help you know if it's right for you.

What Is It?

A global post-war sense of optimism fueled a new type of architecture from the 1940s to the 1970s -- a modernistic style that expressed the financial and philosophical hopefulness of many families during this time. The resulting buildings and homes often have clean lines, low roofs, lots of glass, and a combination of indoor and outdoor aesthetics. You can see some of the movement's biggest influences in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Mid-century modern homes are simple and lacking in ornate decorations, but they feature architecture that suggests flying, nature, floating, or moving toward the future (with some truly "out of this world" extreme architectural examples). Modern variations on these themes often include sustainability features as well.

How Can You Recreate It?

To make your own brand-new, mid-century modern home, look to these design principles for guidance. The home should feature many flat planes and geometric lines or shapes along with unadorned building materials like steel, aluminum, and stucco. While a flat roof may not be appropriate for all climates, try to keep the roof angle to a safe minimum and make up for it with flatter features elsewhere. Clean lines, fun patterns, and geometric shapes are also a big feature of the furnishings you choose to complement this style. 

Be sure to include large windows and glass doors that help integrate your home's interior with nature. This type of design was aimed at keeping people healthy and happy by encouraging them to get together, mingle with nature, and get outside. Courtyards -- covered or uncovered -- were common within the home's structure, as were skylights and multiple outdoor views from each room. If you live in cold areas, though, work with a home builder like Praxis Crafted Homes Ltd. to ensure energy-efficient windows and doors.

Inside, you may want to include a few elevation changes within rooms and between rooms. Adding depth and height to rooms by lowering and raising the floor or ceiling makes the geometric interiors look visually interesting. It also goes along with philosophical principles of integrating humans and space. 

When designing a mid-century modern home, be sure to work with a home builder that has experience in this style and can help you weather any challenges brought by the materials and unique architecture. The result will be a dream home that will wow your guests and allow you to create a haven that truly reflects your individual style and personality.