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Don't Know What To Do With Those Large Tree Stumps? Have Them Brush Mulched

If you have several large tree stumps in your yard and don't know what to do with them, ask a contractor about brush mulching, also known as forestry mulching. Brush mulching is a unique land clearing technique used to break down vegetation, trees and stumps without leaving behind holes and large piles of debris on property. You can use the remnants of your old tree stumps to nourish your soil. Here's how brush mulching works and how you can benefit from it.

What's Brush Mulching?

Brushing mulching may be a better way to get rid of your tree stumps than the previous methods of cutting, grinding and burning them. The mulching method takes less time than other methods and generally follows a one-step process to do the job. You also protect your family and pets from injuries because the mulching method automatically fills in and covers tree stump holes. The other methods of cutting, grinding and burning can all create issues you may not want to deal with.

For instance, if you wanted to clear away tree stumps, you used several pieces of equipment to cut the stumps into pieces. You also need additional equipment to grind down the remnants of the stumps in order to access and dig up their roots. If you chose to burn the stumps and their root systems out of the ground, it would release harmful toxins into the environment. All three processes created large holes in the ground that could potentially injure someone if they stepped into them. 

Brush mulching generally involves the use a large machine or equipment that cuts and grinds vegetation all at once. The vegetation turns into mulch, which you can use for a variety of things.

What Are the Benefits of Brush Mulching Your Tree Stumps?

The mulch created by your tree stumps can benefit your property in a number of ways, including controlling weeds and helping healthy trees thrive. For example, if you currently have problems with weeds taking over your property, you can use the mulch to inhibit the plants' growth. The mulch may also prevent dryness in areas of your property that require moisture to thrive, such as a vegetable  or flower garden.

Tree stump mulch may benefit the healthy trees you have left on your property by helping them absorb and retain water. If you water your trees manually, use the mulch to construct a berm around them. Unlike soil, mulch allows water and air to reach the root systems of your trees properly. 

For more information about brush mulching your tree stumps, contact a general contractor today. Contact a business, such as Global Fabrication Inc, for more information.