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Ideas For Designing A Mediterranean-Style Home

The Mediterranean style is one of the most popular inspirations for a home. However, you may not have a clear notion of the Mediterranean style beyond courtyards and tiled roofs. For instance, do you want a home more inspired by a French villa or a Tuscan farmhouse? While your home doesn't have to be completely authentic in the details, you can still design a house that promotes the Mediterranean ambiance.

House Façade

The hallmarks of Mediterranean design are red roof tiles, arches and stucco walls, so your house's façade should certainly have these features. However, there's still some leeway in how you put those elements together. For example, you could opt for clean, white stucco or experiment with colors that look aged. Likewise, you could utilize arched doors and windows. If you want a more modern look, arches in the walls could emphasize the clean lines of rectangular windows and doors.

When it comes to the roof, arched terra cotta tiles are classic. However, these tiles are heavy and require reinforced roof framing. The material is durable, though, and only requires the occasional replacement of a single tile. Concrete tiles can be made to resemble clay tile.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are an important characteristic of Mediterranean homes. Arches are a common feature in courtyards and patios, but so are columns, as the Landscaping Network points out. Consider adding grand columns to an otherwise simple structure, such as a pergola. Likewise, utilize natural stone in your patio, such as for flooring or built-in planters.

Additionally, plan for an outdoor fountain. Tiered fountains are typical in Spanish design. Outdoor spaces in Italy often feature stone fountains, especially those with a statue. When selecting a fountain for your patio or courtyard, look for more traditional styles rather than modern ones to promote that ageless Mediterranean look.

Interior Materials

If you're channeling a Spanish outdoor aesthetic, stone and stucco will probably serve as the foundation for your interior design as well. Complement stucco walls with stone accents or tile in natural colors. The foyer and bedrooms are two likely spots for utilizing this design.

For a more formal look, such as that found in a French chateau, use wood trim. Include box beam in the ceiling accented with more intricate trim. Crown moulding and baseboards should also figure into your design, especially in public areas such as the living and dining rooms.

Marble and colorful tile are other characteristic materials of Mediterranean design. Imagine a colorful Tuscan kitchen or luxurious Italianate bathroom as you plan your home.

When planning your house, utilize materials such as stone and tile as well as architectural features such as arches to channel your favorite Mediterranean locale. To learn more about how to best implement a Mediterranean style, get in touch with a general contractor, such as Gallery Homes Ltd