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Creative Countertops For Your Kitchen

When you no longer enjoy the look of your kitchen countertops, you need to find another style option. Luckily, you can change the appearance of your countertops with some work and creative ideas. Once you know which styles you prefer, you can find the materials and make the perfect countertop design for your kitchen:

Patchwork Tiles

One design that offers you nearly limitless options is a patchwork tile concept. The idea is to use multiple tiles that range in color, shape and size. Many people also equate this design to a mosaic theme, since you use random patterns to make the design.

The difference between a mosaic theme and a patchwork design is that you do not try to create an image with a patchwork theme. Mosaics usually have a specific image in the middle such as a bird, star, flower or face.

Patchwork on the other hand is a random selection of tiles that come in different colors, shapes and sizes. You are not going for a central image, so you do not have to worry about following a specific path with the tiles.

One option you have is to purchase the tiles you want from a store. You then lay out the tiles in different patterns until you come up with a design you prefer. Once you have the design, you apply the tiles to the surface with mortar and fill the gaps between the tiles with grout to complete your new countertops.


Another design concept that is growing in popularity is concrete countertops. With this option, you get to choose each aspect of the design such as the color, texture and size. Concrete offers you a creative outlet that you can use to accent your kitchen.

During the design phase, you will need to choose the size and edges of the countertops. You have the option for smooth rounded edges or a sharp edge. As with natural stone, concrete can be slightly larger than your cabinets, which means more workable space in your kitchen.

After you have the size, you can pick a color scheme that complements or matches your kitchen's current decor. For example, some companies offer an acid stain that reacts to the minerals within the concrete and the result resembles the speckled look of granite. The color options that these companies offer are generally shades of red, blue, green and yellow.

The last design aspect to consider is if you want the concrete to have a texture. One option is to have the contractor stamp lines on the surface to resemble tiles or you can leave the surface smooth by having the countertop polished.

The benefit of both of these options is that they allow you to create unique countertops for your kitchen. Many companies are offering these styles, so you should inquire with some businesses in your area before you pick a new countertop style for your kitchen. Need more help? Try contacting a company like Star Tile Co Tile Store to learn more.