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2 Ways To Use Wall Tile To Make Small Bathrooms Look Larger

There are a wide variety of ways to make a small room look larger when remodeling bathrooms. You can build storage to go higher rather than wider. Glass shower doors can keep the room looking open and airy. Light colors and natural light can make the space seem warmer and larger. But did you know you can also use your bathroom wall tile to make the room look larger?

Here are three tips to make this bathroom stalwart supply work better for your space.

Small Geometric Tiles

Large subway tiles give a bathroom a hint of old-fashioned charm – but the large blocks can also help make your walls look shorter and narrower. That's not a look you want for an already small bathroom.

You can still go with geometric-type tiles if the tiles are smaller. Look for tiles that are large enough to tell the shape from the doorway but no larger. This size will provide the visual interest of the geometric shapes and the illusion of longer and taller walls since a far larger number of rectangles or squares will be on them.

Can't afford to tile all of the walls? Use the tile on the shortest and narrowest of the walls that also doesn't have a lot of interruptions. In other words, put the tile on a short wall with a single vanity in the middle not on the wall with the toilet and cabinets, which will make that short wall look shorter regardless.

Monochromatic, Reflective Colors

Found your small geometric tiles but there are several colors available? Choose a tile style that features a monochromatic color scheme and a reflective surface to help make your room look larger. The color won't cause visual breaks in the wall and the reflective quality will work similarly to a mirror in making the room look wider.

You can go highly monochromatic and reflective with stainless steel-style tiles that could suit a modern bathroom. But you don't need to go that bold with your choice. Glazed white porcelain tiles are monochromatic and shiny, as are glass tiles in a variety of closely matching blue shades.

If you are tiling all of the walls, consider using a solid color of tile on three of the walls and a bit bolder of monochromatic tiles on the last wall. For example, use white porcelain tiles on three walls and teal glass tiles on the fourth wall. To learn more about bathrooms, contact a company like Gravelle Woodworking Limited.