A Blast from the Past -- How to Design Your Own Mid-Century Modern Home

If you're looking for a truly unique and beautiful dream home, a mid-century modern style may be just what you've been asking for. Mid-century modern homes are not just a theme of architecture; they also offer a forward-thinking and hopeful point of view about life. Here's a quick guide to this style of house and its furnishings to help you know if it's right for you. What Is It? A global post-war sense of optimism fueled a new type of architecture from the 1940s to the 1970s -- a modernistic style that expressed the financial and philosophical hopefulness of many families during this time. [Read More]

Don't Know What To Do With Those Large Tree Stumps? Have Them Brush Mulched

If you have several large tree stumps in your yard and don't know what to do with them, ask a contractor about brush mulching, also known as forestry mulching. Brush mulching is a unique land clearing technique used to break down vegetation, trees and stumps without leaving behind holes and large piles of debris on property. You can use the remnants of your old tree stumps to nourish your soil. Here's how brush mulching works and how you can benefit from it. [Read More]

Maximize Vertical Space In The Kitchen With 4 Easy Tips

Working with a kitchen that is limited in square footage can be difficult if you try to decorate and furnish it in a similar fashion to a standard sized kitchen. If you want your kitchen to have as much storage room and the finished look that you have always wanted, try looking upwards to take advantage of vertical space instead. With the following tips in mind, your kitchen can be improved greatly through more storage space and a finished appearance. [Read More]

Ideas For Designing A Mediterranean-Style Home

The Mediterranean style is one of the most popular inspirations for a home. However, you may not have a clear notion of the Mediterranean style beyond courtyards and tiled roofs. For instance, do you want a home more inspired by a French villa or a Tuscan farmhouse? While your home doesn't have to be completely authentic in the details, you can still design a house that promotes the Mediterranean ambiance. [Read More]